FUGA receives new development funding and expands international network

February 12th, 2015 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

FUGA, provider of technical solutions and services for the international music industry, has received shareholder funding for new product development and begins closer co-operation with key shareholders Fintage House and Leon Ramakers on international sales. These developments further strengthen FUGA’s independence in the market.

FUGA’s shareholders recently allocated new development funds to the company for the purpose of accelerating investment in new product development, among which a neighbouring rights management module.

Furthermore, FUGA has started working more closely and strategically with key shareholders Fintage House and experienced media executive/investor Leon Ramakers on international sales in new and existing territories.

Pieter van Rijn (CEO) says:
“Our broadened, high-quality product portfolio and aggregation services have made our proposition even more interesting. We are very happy to have attracted new development funding to maintain our competitive edge and deliver a full-service proposition to our clients. We continue to seek synergies with our shareholders to expand our business.”

Niels Teves (co-CEO Fintage House) says:
“We are pleased with the positive developments which the company has been able to achieve in the last year and are excited about the prospects of the additional services FUGA can deliver to its clients. Their cutting edge technology and full suite of software tools are key drivers for the business of FUGA’s clients.”

Leon Ramakers (former CEO Mojo Concerts, Media Investor) says:
“More and more artists are communicating that transparency is crucial for them in today’s industry: FUGA is all about transparency.”

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