Aggregation Service

Distribute your content to hundreds of digital services, whether direct or via FUGA aggregation for 100% market reach.

FUGA aggregation makes it possible for you to deliver content over FUGA’s deals to DSPs you do not have an agreement with.

Our aggregation service utilizes the direct deal technology of the FUGA Platform. This means you still choose what you deliver to whom and when, while retaining granular control over pricing and release dates, and your content will be live in-store within hours.

Our system allows any combination of direct deals and aggregated deals within the exact same delivery workflow, and we offer you complete flexibility: switch from an aggregated to a direct deal and vice versa instantly.


Retail Marketing

FUGA Aggregation creates momentum and visibility for your releases.

With a successful track-record, our team is committed to getting the most out of your content
Our aim is to align our marketing efforts with the over- all marketing strategy for the releases we promote.
Together with our clients we brainstorm opportunities, plan and execute a marketing plan for targeted digital retailers.

The heart of the FUGA retail marketing team is centralized in Amsterdam. From here all promotional campaigns are being planned and launched in close co-operation with our international clients and DSP partners.
In addition we have people on the ground in the USA, UK and Europe, offering additional marketing assistance and support where required.
FUGA has an extensive network of editorial teams from all 50+ stores worldwide with whom we have a very strong relationship.

Trends & Accounting

We understand that it’s vital to make quick business decisions in this fast changing industry and that real time data is key to run your business.

Our trends module provides you with sales and streams on a daily basis giving you an overview of how your releases are performing on the various platforms.

Every month we report your royalties in a complete, transparent and detailed consolidated overview with all sales and streams.

Youtube Monetization

FUGA integrates seamlessly with Youtube’s advanced back-end.

Start monetizing your content on Youtube in the same easy workflow as distributing your releases to other digital services. FUGA makes sure your audio is fingerprinted and applies the right settings to optimize your revenue from Youtube.