FUGA was founded in 2006 in Amsterdam

About FUGA

We build technology and provide services for content owners, record labels and distributors, enabling them to optimize their business processes and successfully execute their strategy.

Our products & services provide a complete ecosystem for the digital product cycle. Manage, distribute and promote your music – and collect on your revenue.

At its core is the FUGA platform, launched in conjunction with leading music partners in 2008. FUGA is the number one choice for some of the world’s top labels, management companies and distributors, including Armada Music, Epitaph Records, Ultra Records, Tommy Boy Entertainment, Curb and Domino.

We offer best-of-breed digital supply chain integration, alongside dynamic marketing and promotion. Its flexible platform enables clients to vary services across different DSPs so that they can develop their catalogue management, distribution, marketing, licensing and royalty accounting activity as their needs evolve. Connected to over 260 digital service providers worldwide, FUGA’s platform manages close to 3 million tracks, with over 2.5 million deliveries every month.

FUGA is partnered with the dotBlockchain Music Project (dotBC) as part of a coalition to spearhead development of a global blockchain ecosystem.

Headquartered in Amsterdam, FUGA also operates out of New York, London, Milan and Seoul.