Your digital foundation upon which to build

The FUGA Platform

We have built a complete content management system that sits at the heart of your digital business.

Using the FUGA Platform to upload and create your releases, re-compile your catalog and licensing content within the FUGA network will completely streamline your digital supply chain.

Create audio/video bundles, classical content, set tracks to pre-order, instant gratification and turn on streaming rights. We support up to 6 HD encoding types per track, Mastered For iTunes content, and deliver to a wide array of services at the click of a button including online stores, rights collection agencies and anti-piracy companies. 90% of our deliveries arrive on the same day, and your content will go live within hours of delivery.


Control FUGA remotely from your own database


Using our XML protocol, create complete releases automatically via FTP without logging into the platform. Set custom pricing per store, territory based release dates, attach pdfs track level usage rights and all granular deal level info.

Specify which services to deliver to, set release schedules, delivery lead times, and trigger delivery automatically. After delivery, update your FUGA catalog, send redeliveries and takedowns using our simple XML command protocol.

White Label

Say goodbye to harddrives, excel sheets, and label copy submitted on beer coasters. Stop sending screenshots of live sales data.

White label is an out of the box software solution to give the professional edge to your label, sub-label and artist services. With White Label you can issue custom branded accounts that are embedded in your own website for your clients to manage the content submission process and provide live sales feedback to them.

Give your sub labels or artists an account to upload content, create releases, and submit them to your master FUGA catalog. Communicate with your clients within one interface. Review, edit, & reject or accept submitted content.

Retain full control over pricing, advanced delivery settings, release dates, and delivery partners yourself.
Our trends dashboard enables you to analyze real-time consumer usage data and statistics at all the major music platforms, and pass this on to your sub accounts so everyone knows exactly what is going on in your daily digital business.


Complete the circle

Royalty Accounting Software Suite

Direct or aggregated deals. Digital & physical.

To meet the needs of our long-lasting partners, our newly launched reporting module simplifies your financial administration and is an all in one sales & reporting tool.

Designed by people in the music industry and auto-synched with your music catalog, you can now set up your artist contracts, master deals, and license & distribute deal structures from within the same system as you manage your distribution from.

Our reporting module handles compilations and licensing, deductions & balance mutations, and provides cross collateral accounting, so that you can recoup advances on your master deals with income from your licensing deal.

Create custom templates and reports, in any currency and export your statements.

The business analysis interface lets you drill down by artist, label, territory, and time period to gain real insight into your digital business & latest results.