FUGA’s industry-leading technology puts you in control of your distribution.


The FUGA Platform: your digital foundation

We have built a complete content management system that sits at the heart of your digital business. Our platform streamlines your digital supply chain: upload and create releases, re-compile catalog, create audio/video bundles, deal with the complexities of classical repertoire, set tracks to pre-order, instant grats and timed release dates. We support up to 6 HD encoding types per track, including Apple Digital Masters.

Our network goes beyond just the top streaming sites. We also deliver to a wide array of services, including niche online stores, rights collection agencies, royalty softwares and anti-piracy companies. Pressed for time? No problem: 90% of our deliveries arrive on the same day, and your content can be set to go live within hours of delivery.



Distribute your repertoire to hundreds of digital stores, whether direct or via FUGA’s for 100% market reach 

FUGA allows you to deliver content to DSPs you do not have an agreement with, via the direct deal technology of the FUGA Platform. You can choose what you deliver, to whom and when, retaining granular control over pricing and release dates, with your content able to go live in-store within hours. What makes our approach unique, is that we allow clients to use our platform over direct deals with the DSPs, FUGA’s aggregated licensing deals with the DSPs, or a combination of the two. In this setup, products are sent in the exact same delivery workflow, offering complete flexibility so you can easily switch from an aggregated deal to a direct deal and vice versa.


[://Distribute your content to hundreds of digital services]


FUGA help create strategy, momentum and visibility for your releases

FUGA’s expert marketing team will maximise your campaign’s reach across digital music platforms globally. They have a proven track record of results, from #1 artists to breaking new talent. They will work with you to design a bespoke campaign that fits seamlessly within your existing marketing strategy and keep you up to date on the latest DSP best practices. Our specialists are based across key territories so that your release strategy will be tailored to location, using our local knowledge and contacts to boost your content in targeted, new markets. Our strong relationships with diverse DSP partners and the editorial teams of 70+ stores worldwide mean that we can guarantee your repertoire has the best possible access to streaming success. Plus, we can provide additional assistance across other media and platforms where required.



Take control of your YouTube strategy

You can monetize YouTube content with the same easy workflow you use for distributing releases to other digital services. FUGA also integrates seamlessly with YouTube’s advanced back-end and fingerprints repertoire so you can decide what user generated content to monetize or block.

Through our multi-channel network you are able to manage all your artist and label channels so you can easily track their performance on the platform, with slightly higher ad rates for your premium content. We also offer a full channel management service: uploading your content for you, setting up monetization policies as well as adding keywords, descriptions, info cards and end screens.



Your applications can access all the feature on FUGA programmatically using our XML and REST APIs.

You’re able to specify which services to deliver to, set release schedules, delivery lead times and trigger delivery automatically. After delivery, you can update your FUGA catalog, send redeliveries and takedowns using our simple XML command protocol, and access Trends and Analytics via our API.



Say goodbye to hard drives, excel sheets, and label copy submitted on beer coasters. Stop sending screenshots of live sales data

White Label is our out-of-the-box software solution to give a professional edge to your label, sub-label and artist services. With White Label you can issue custom-branded accounts that are embedded in your own website.

Give your sub-labels or artists an account to upload content, create releases, and submit them to your master FUGA catalog. You can review, edit, reject or accept submitted content and retain full control over pricing, advanced delivery settings, release dates, and delivery partners. Your clients can manage the content submission process while you provide them with live sales feedback, all via one interface.

Our analytics dashboard enables you to analyze real-time consumer usage data from all major music platforms, and pass this on to your sub-accounts so everyone knows exactly what is going on in their daily digital business.




Our headquarters are located in the heart of Amsterdam in an 18th century canal house. Our company is a blend of technology and music industry professionals on a mission to change the world.